Woodworking Planes

I like to both make my own woodworking planes and restore old ones. (a) These two small smoothing planes are made from cocobolo and then wenge and red oak. The smaller of the two (cocobolo) has the blade set at 50 degrees for very fine smoothing. (b-c) I have restored several Stanley block and bench planes for myself and others. I find old planes that are missing parts or are in very poor condition and restore them to good working condition. These block planes are Stanley S18 and 19. The bench planes are Bedrock 604, 604 ½, and 605 ½. The 19, 604 and 605 ½ were in such poor condition that I removed what was left of the original japaning and (gasp!) refinished the base and frog. I replaced the original blades with a heavier one and each of these planes are in great working shape.